Friday, February 11, 2011

Coming Down

We’ve been cleaning up IT’s mess in fountain for the past week and our progress is nothing short of spectacular.  Of course, much of the cleaning is being done by NC FC Imperian, along with significant help from the NC supercapital fleet.  Nevertheless, at the time of writing, only 12 hostile systems remain of 108 conquerable systems in the region.  Most of those hostile systems are under the control of Hun Reloaded.  Hats off to them for holding out for so long, but they’ll soon be disposed of like the rest of IT’s pets.

It’s been a hard fought war, by both sides, and it will be nice to have some downtime for harvesting and building up the infrastructure in our new home.  I’ve gained some good memories during this war, including the defense of PNQY, the supercapital fight in Z30, where I was one of very few bubblers on grid with the enemy supers (and the only HIC that got on the titan killmails, yay me!!!), and the epic campathon in 6VDT.

We’ve been riding high on our victory, and we’re only now starting to come down.  But, before we do, we’d like to share one last treat together.  If TEST is good at one thing, it’s… well, it’s trolling.  If they’re good at another thing, it’s propaganda.  Tez is one of our best video-maker-dudes, and he made a video to commemorate our victory over IT, our campaign in Fountain, and Dreddit’s one-year birthday (for those not in the know, Dreddit is the largest corp in EVE and makes up the bulk of TEST Alliance).  Enjoy.  (BTW, the dude talking at the beginning and at various parts of the video is SirMolle, the leader of IT alliance.  Tez is nothing short of an artist)