Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fallen from Grace

Everyone has someone that they look up to.  Whether it be personality, skill, or even just simple possession, that one person has something that you covet.  For me (in EVE anyway), that person was Perseus Kallistratos.  I started reading eve online blogs back when the iphone app, capsuleer, was still running, and KrazyKinux's Blogpack was fed right into the app.  That's where I discovered PK's blog, Aggressive Tendencies.  Up until a few months ago, PK would write almost exclusviely about his roaming.  And it was good reading.  I especially liked how he would go through engagements in incredible detail, listing all the actions and thoughtprocesses almost as though he meant to teach his audience.  His blog was definitely the most exciting to read, and I read it religiously.  Not anymore.

Since the Fountain war began, his posts have become... well, overtly political.  He stopped focusing on pvp, instead filling his his blog with half-assed propoganda against the NC, constant bitching about blobbing, and whining about how biased evenews24 is (which is true, but everybody already knows it; the site practically trolls itself).  You can pretty much summarize every one of his posts over the past couple months by saying, "the NC are napfest carebears, the Fountain campaign is a joke, and everyone sucks but me. The end."  Reading his blog is like listening to a small child throw a fit because his mommy won't buy him icecream.

But this isn't all.  Immediately before he stopped posting about his roams, he would post about his nightly sniperhac roams into cloud ring.  This is where I personally got the most exposure to him ingame, as I was FCing a lot and occasionally I would run into him.  I started to notice what others had already pointed out: in his blog, he never makes mistakes.  Whenever his fleets are bested, it's always someone elses fault.  When he can't blame losses on anyone else, he doesn't write about them.  I remember one particular night where I was leading an ahac fleet against his even-manned sniperhac fleet.  By the end of the night, 7 of his sniperhacs and only one of my zealots were dead.  He didn't meantion it in his blog, which wouldn't be unusual, except that he has a tendency to ragepost when he takes as little as 3 or 4 losses.  That's just one example, and there are many others.  On top of all this, comments on his blog have to get his approval before they'll display.  It looks like he took a play out of the SirMolle book of information control.

His post today is the piece de resistance of the general character his blog has adopted:

"The NC "Incursion" has fallen short of Delve" - It's amazing how he refuses, even after IT is gone, to give the Deklein Coalition (Clusterfuck) it's own identity, as if being defeated by the goons is unthinkable.  While there was NC participation in the Fountain invasion, the truth is that every one of IT's losses in Fountain was to a goon FC with a 95%+ Dekco (Goons, TEST, Widot, FA) fleet composition.  The only notable exception was the seond battle of Z30, where the NC capfleet ambush was a deciding factor.  And even then, the NC wasn't there to help take Z30; they were there to get titan killmails.  Oh, and here he's also ignoring the fact that even before the Fountain war ended, both the goons and TEST openly stated that they don't want Delve.

"perhaps the biggest surprise was the apathy of Goonswarm towards the whole affair." - Again, he ignores reality and focuses on pushing his own agenda.  In Fountain, goon leadership asked the NC to put their supercaps on the field to completely overwhelm IT's supercaps.  The NC supers were never in any significant danger.  Asking the goons to drop their relatively small supercap fleet into an already hopeless situation is pointless.  If 100 of your dudes are going to die, making it 101 isn't going to change anything.

"what... [the NC alliances] lack in participation, experience and FCing they make up for with massive numbers." - This is an efficient combination of the "you blob, no fair" and the "I'm good at everything, you're bad at everything" agendas that have come to characterize all of his posts.  Despite being one of the most successful, if not the most successful, entity in EVE's history, PK attributes that success to blobbing, and blobbing only.

He is so pleased at the NC's losses that I half expected him to claim victory for Perseus Kallistratos.  This is the general air of the entire post, and I have to say, I'm over it.  I don't think I'll be reading PK's blog very often anymore, if at all.  It's not that he's my alliance's enemy.  On the contrary, I love reading my enemys' posts.  I read Easley Thames' blog and Manasi's blog almost as religiously as I used to read PK's.  It's just that PK's posting has gone south so rapidly that I don't think it can recover.

So, why write this much about another writer?  As I said at the beginning, I once looked up to PK's blogging ability, and it's extremely dissapointing that his writing has turned to crap.  I'll miss reading about his ganks and his FCing.  Only time will tell if his blog can regain it's character.  I hope it can.