Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not what I wanted... but good nonetheless.

I was scheduled to take out a sniperhac roam this evening, but due to a lack of sniperhacs, I ended up doing something a little different.  Here's the after action report (AAR).  Enjoy!

The  night didn't really start off very well.  We formed up in 6VDT and got decent numbers... just not a lot of dps.  I think we had 4 or 5 sniperhacs between the people in 6VDT and PNQY :(.  After 30 minutes, it was clear that we weren't going to get any more dps, so I decided to reship the fleet to nano battlecruises... we got some good dps after that.  We ended up with about 30 dudes.

We headed out to 9-V and picked up a few guys in PNQY and then went around the fountain whale, looking for targets in NPC fountain... nothing.  We went down the pipe to Y-2, took a bio, then went into the Delve.  We tried pinning a PL vaga in Y-2 before jumping into Delve, but he cloaked, reapproached, and then jumped back into ZXQ.  Our guys on the other side didn't have a bubbler and the vaga warped off too quickly.  Anyway, we went into Delve and tried to catch a PL botter in PDE-U3 with a logoffski technique, but alas, it didn't work :(.  Lin got eyes on a neut ratter a couple systems over in 23G, so we headed over there, shotgunned the belts, and then VP called out a point on him.  We had a bit of fun before popping him, holding him in place so everyone could get on the mail.  His drake took a bit to pop... maybe because some of our scimis were still repping him.

Then Lin spotted a cloaky ishtar in D-W7FO, probably scouting forward for his gila in a neighboring system.  We cleared our scouts out of D-W and camped the D-W gate in JP4.  It didn't take long before we saw a gate flash and his name showed up in local.  We bubbled up, sent a few guys through just in case he reapproached, and got the decloak and tackle on his ishtar.  His Gila cloaked up in D-W, so I decided to start back home.  We burned to Y-2, and while we were waiting for stragglers, a V.L.A.S.T. scimitar was reported heading up the pipe from APM.  We burned to KVN to try to intercept, but he got to KVN before us... though not before Lin (in a rapier) got ahead of him.  After he saw Lin jump ahead of him into J-R, he decided to try to go around us through 87X.  This is about the time that fleet arrived in KVN, and I warped them into J-R.  I put half of the fleet on the I-C gate, and the other half on the LJ- gate.  We bubbled up and sure enough: gate flash, new red in local.  The scimitar is a very fast ship, and he decided to burn instead of reapproach.  He overheated his MWD with our tacklers on the LJ gate in pursuit.  When we got heavy tackle about 70-80km off the gate, I had our I-C guys warp to the tackler.  The scimi went pop.

We continued on our way home when an 18-man neut gang was reported in the J5A pipe in mostly frigs and t1 cruisesrs... finally the fight we were looking for.  We burned to 5-D and regrouped on the 9-V gate.  Fortunately they were moving slowly.  9-V was empty, so we jumped in and got on the 3WE gate.  Lin reported their fleet in 3WE, and when he reported that local was dropping, I jumped in alone and warped to the IR- gate (it was their only logical exit).  I came out of warp just as their last throax was jumping.  He saw me before jumping, but I held.  He jumped back through and aggressed.  I aggressed back and seconds later their gang jumped through after him.  Just as I saw their gang jumping, I jumped in my gang from 9-V and warped them to IR-.  They didn't seem to notice our local spike, probably because their gang was entering local at the same time, and they continued to pound on my insane tank while our fleet made the short warp to the IR- gate.  This is what followed.  Once they realized their mistake, their small stuff got off field.  We ended up pinning down 2 ruppies and 3 thoraxes.

From here I took the gang back home and we called it a night.  Not a bad night.  Given how dead Fountain was, it was probably better that we didn't end up taking out the sniperhacs.  That scimi kill was due to awesome teamwork and fleet composition.  We had 3 rapiers, 2 falcons, and at least one razu/lachesis.  It was them and our light tackle that made that kill possible.

TL;DR - total kills: 2x rupture, 3x thorax, 1x scimi, 1x ishtar, 1x drake... total losses: none.